2018 Recap

2018 Recap

A Recap of 2018:

We had a lot happen at AKJ in 2018 and are looking forward to building skill and community with each other in 2019.

Empower the World! 
Since 2008, AKJ’s motto has been “Empower Yourself!”. One of the goals of martial arts is to better yourself though self-cultivation and self-awareness. But the bigger picture has always been to better yourself so you can be a better part of your community. We grow by helping others, not just ourselves. The decision was made to apply that to our motto which now reads, “Empower yourself, Empower the world!*

AKJ Kids Karate-Jujitsu
The biggest change we made in 2018 has been adding our AKJ Kids Program. We’ve created a Tigers Tribe (ages 4 to 6) and Dragons Tribe (ages 7 to 12). It’s been an exciting new era for AKJ to offer karate-jujitsu training to younger generations of martial artists. I look forward to seeing what these Tigers and Dragons become! Read more about AKJ kids here: www.AtlantaJujitsu.com/kids

Expanding the Schedule
About 6 months ago we changed our schedule at AKJ to focus more on stand-upself defense and to have additional classes for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We restructured our classes to include:

  • Combative Martial Arts – Striking and grappling methods from Ryukyu Kempo, Kyokushin, Small Circle Jujitsu, and Modern Arnis.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Submission Ground Grappling
  • Weapons – Rattan sticks and knife from Modern Arnis as well as gun disarms.
  • AKJ Kids Martial Arts – Karate-Jujitsu program for Kids

IBK International Kyokushin Budokai Kan
After talks with Hanchi Marc Howes (Scotland), I have been asked to represent the IBK in Georgia as a Dai-Shihan, specifically with the All Round Fighting section of the IBK. I’m happy to be a part and represent this prestigious group as well as to honor the late Kaicho Jon Bluming. Read more about Kaicho and the IBK here: www.ibk.nl

We’ve added a new clothing line for AKJ fight apparel. We want to offer our members and supporters with designs that they can wear proudly to represent AKJ. We also want to offer designs for the martial arts community, as well as enthusiasts in kickboxing, strength training, and overall fitness. Look at what we have here: www.TeamMOSH.shop

What is in 2019?

As AKJ celebrates it’s 11th year changing lives, I look forward to more people who decide to start a martial arts journey. I look forward to all of our current members continuing to evolve their martial arts skills and rediscovering themselves every moment along the way. I look forward to hopefully tying on new Black Blacks to some of our current brown belts by fall. I look forward to continually sharpening my own skills. I look forward to having AKJ participate in community events and fundraisers to truly embody the new motto *Empower The World*. Let this new year be a great year for us all!

Train Hard!

Josh D Moree | Chief Instructor
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Atlanta Kyusho & Jujitsu