EVX Needs Your Help!

EVX Needs Your Help!


Thank you for your continued support of EVX by having your child enrolled with us. Our instructors volunteer their time to empowering your children with the skills of martial arts, and we need your help. To continue to deliver a top-quality service to the community, we need to ensure we can bring on new members. Referrals is the best way we can bring others into our dojo.

You can help EVX by spreading the word in 3 ways:

1) Share our current Back to School promo with your friends. At the beginning of every year, we donate to local schools and offer a back-to-school special. Flyers will be handed out soon at local schools and we’d appreciate if you can share it with local families you know either via email, physical flyers (pick some up at the dojo), or via social media (see our Facebook post here).

2) Like and share our content on social media pages:

3) And finally, write us an excellent rating and review on Google:

Thank you!