The Dojo

Evolution X Martial Arts holds classes near Midtown and Buckhead in Atlanta:

2213 Faulkner Rd
Atlanta, GA 30324

Dojo (道場 dōjō) is a Japanese term which literally means “place of the way”.  In short, it means a martial arts school. To Martial Artists, a Dojo is sacred space where they practice their art and cultivate their Self through training and meditation. Read more here about Dojo Etiquette 

Atlanta Kyusho and Jujitsu’s pimary Dojo (off Faulkner Rd) shares space with Atlanta Judo Midtown and Aikido South.  Our 3200 sf space contains has 2 bathrooms/changing areas, waiting area (with couches), punching bags, mirrors, crash/throw pads, climbing rope, pull-up bar, kick/punch pads, and more. We have one of the nicest, largest mats in the Southeast; it is 1,075 sf of high quality Tatami Martial Art mat atop a spring board floor.

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