New Classes and Instructors

EVX Tribe,

We’ve had some additions though the summer, and next week we are adding more classes.

Monday Arnis with Shihan Josh will return this Monday at 8pm (in addition to Wednesday Modern Arnis)

FMA Foundations is a new class from Katie Marshall focusing on Taboada Balintawak on Saturdays at 1pm.

EVX Fitness with Nathan Nowak has added more Group Fitness, Personal Fitness, Nutrition Coaching, and Women’s kickboxing

Thank you to all who contribute their time, energy, and skills to keeping our dojo running. I opened EVX in 2008 and could not imagine where it is today! And I could not do it without all of the great help!

  • Sensei Vadim running Friday Combatives classes
  • Sensei Moffatt running Thursday Combatives classes
  • Coach Alec running Monday BJJ
  • Coach Daniel running every other Wednesday BJJ
  • Jen creating flyers and promo material and running women’s BJJ
  • Sensei Phillips running Wednesday Modern Aris
  • Chris and Kearstin running Tiger Tribe program
  • Greg and Eleni helping with Tiger Tribe
  • Pamela, Sensei Phillips, and Katie helping with other kids classes
  • Nora and Timmy running the front desk
  • Coach Diana running personal fitness
  • Coach Nathan running personal fitness, group fitness, and women’s kickboxing
  • And of course all the Black Belts who help make the Combatives program what it is!

I could not do this without you all.  See the full schedule here:

Thank you,