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Seminar with Professor Leon Jay, Hanchi Troy Price, and Guro Chad Bailey @ Evolution X Martial Arts
Feb 29 @ 12:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Train with top instructors in stand-up, combative grappling arts with Professor Leon Jay of Small Circle Jujitsu (, Kyoshi Troy J Price of Shuri Te Bujutsu (, and guest instructor Guro Chad Bailey of Progressive Arnis.

All styles and ranks welcome!

• Friday, Feb 28th (5pm to 9pm) with  Professor Leon Jay and Guro Chad Bailey
• Saturday, Feb 29th (12:30pm to 5:30pm) with Professor Leon Jay and Hanchi Troy Price
• Sunday, March 1st (10am to 12pm) Small Circle Jujitsu Syllabus Review and Testing (see below for details)

Evolution X Martial Arts
2213 Faulkner Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30024

• Friday/Saturday: Pre-register: $100 ( | Door: $125
• Friday Only: Pre-register: $45 ( | Door: $55
• Saturday Only: Pre-register: $75 ( | Door: $95
• Sunday Testing: See below for details

Shihan Josh Moree
770 648 5059‬

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We recognize that many martial arts systems are similar to SCJ with joint locking, throws, etc. The principles of SCJ are what set the system apart from many other jujitsu systems. We welcome martial artists of any style or background to join our organization in conjunction with their own style, organization, and/or school.  If you are interested in joining our organization and achieving rank in SCJ, one must become a member and then will be eligible to test with a qualified instructor at an official SCJ Dojo or at SCJ camps and seminars such as this. As with most testing, there is a syllabus of information as well as an expected level of proficiency one must attain in not only executing the techniques but primarily exemplifying the 10 Principles of SCJ. Are you executing the lock with Small Circle Jujitsu principles? If you are interested in becoming a member of Small Circle Jujitsu, you may register at this event or online at If you are interested in testing at this event or any event, please contact Josh Moree ( for details.


Kyusho Combatives International Self Defense Camp @ Cinte Tesino Italy
May 7 – May 10 all-day


Kyusho Combatives International Self Defense Camp

Cinte Tesino Italy
May 7th – 10th 2020

Featuring Grandmaster Dustin Seale – USA
Additional Instructors include:

Mario Spillere – Italy
Marc Howes – Scotland
C.b. Bunkholt – USA
Josh Moree – USA
Mike Mellgren – USA
Nils A. Scheiring – Germany

American Contact:
DL Seale

European contact:
Mario Spillere

Full Camp cost is $300, but students also have a pay per class option. View Camp Schedule – COMING SOON

Sign up now at