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Try a free class at EVX to see if our classes align with your goals. For more information, CONTACT EVX today. Below are our class descriptions and signup slots available:

  • Adults | Combative Martial Arts – Class integrating multiple styles of striking (punches, kicks, elbows) and grappling (locking throws, and take-downs) for self-defense. This is the integrated class using concepts and techniques from Ryukyu Kempo, Small Circle Jujitsu, Modern Arnis, Kyokushin All-Around-Fighting, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 
  • Adults | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Ground Jiu Jitsu empassing locking and submission grappling. 
  • Adults | Modern Arnis (Weapons) – Filipino Martial Art (FMA) involving rattan sticks and knife as primary weapons.  
  • Kids | Karate-Jujitsu – Program for EVX Kids Marital Arts