Women's Kickboxing

Women's kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing

This isn’t your mother’s “kickboxing aerobics” class! If you’re looking to shape up, increase cardio, or want a change in your aerobic routine, you will find it here! Get energized with this power-packed, high intensity class while learning real kickboxing and boxing techniques.

Dedicated to empowering women through fitness and a positive attitude, Nathan Nowak has developed an intense and challenging kickboxing class structure unlike any other in Atlanta. All Trinity kickboxers, regardless of their level of expertise, are pushed to new levels of physical fitness using specific elements from martial arts, boxing, and aerobic exercise. The programs, products and services offered at Trinity are designed to provide women with the essential tools required to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, build self-confidence and to live life at a higher level, in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. 

What are the benefits of kickboxing?

So many women seek out kickboxing classes in particular because of the numerous benefits you can receive from this type of exercise that typical gym classes do not. For one, kickboxing is a full body workout, toning your entire body, giving you long lean arms, legs, and a firm buttock, while also providing a cardiovascular workout for the heart and lunges. It is a wonderful stress reducer. Students  elease their stress through powerful kicks and punches. Students also learn control, balance, and coordination, as well as basic self defense principles.

Beginner Kickboxers

Beginners will learn the basic stance, punches, kicks, and punch/kick combinations. Kickboxing instructors emphasize proper form and technique, which are essential to developing maximum speed, power, and precision, as well as preventing injury. Because we places such emphasis on technique during initial sessions, beginner kickboxers advance at an amazing rate to an intermediate level. All of the kickboxing classes are developed to accommodate students at all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Coach Nathan Nowak

Nathan J. Nowak, owner of Trinity Fitness, is a nationally known fitness professional, speaker, author and athlete with a holistic approach to achieving oneness with body, mind and spirit. With over 25 years experience in the fitness and nutrition industry, Nathan is an expert on athletic performance training, energy healing, nutrition and mental toughness training. His tailored and individualized programs attract a diverse clientele including professional and amatuer athletes, Fortune 500 CEO’s and executives, business owners, stay at home moms, college students and weekend warriors looking to live at a peak performance level. He has successfully applied the knowledge obtained from years of athletic training and competition in Tae Kwon Do and triathlon to his performance enhancing programs. Thousands of clients, members and seminar participants have achieved extraordinary results following the his philosophy of living.

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