IBK Kyokushin Budokai All-Round Fighting


Contact Fighting

The International Budo Kaikan was started by Kaicho Jon Bluming, Kyokushin 10th Dan. The Kyuokushin All-Round Fighting portions of the IBK emcompasses the fighting and spirt of Kyokushin but also includes additional training methods such as locks, throws, take-downs, groundwork, and punching to the head.

At Evolution X Martial Arts, we believe Kumite (sparring) is essesential for students’ deveopment. Praciting techniques on a williing partner (the uke) is cruitial for learning, however, kumite is where students pracice their skills at faster speeds with actual contact (light, medium, full contact depending on student’s current level). Though we are punching, kicking, locking, throwing, choking, etc each other, the #1 prioirty is always safety. We take care of our training partners and work to not cause injury.