Ryukyu Kempo (Okinawan Karate)

Ryukyu Kempo

Okinawan Martial Arts

Ryukyu Kempo is Okinawan martial arts is part of the EVX Combatives program. Ryukyu Kempo (also known as Chinese Kempo, Te, or Tote) has been the way of martial arts in Okinawa for hundreds of years. It translates to the native fighting style of the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa before the transition to ‘Modern Sport Karate’ in the early 20th century. Much of Ryukyu Kempo’s basis comes from the influence of Japanese Bojitsu and Chinese Kung Fu. 

Ryukyu Kempo involves various types of strikes like punches, open hand strikes, elbows, kicking, knees, and more. It also integrates grappling, Tuite Jitsu, with its striking. Within the various methods of the art, there is also Kata (forms) which are teaching and learning tools for a student to understand fighting techniques, proper body structure, and more. The concepts bridge the gap between styles and aid students in defining their techniques regardless of style.