Small Circle Jujitsu (Jiu Jitsu)


Combative Jujitsu

The origins of Small Circle Jujitsu are based on the 2000 year old classical jujitsu, but the revelation of the small circle emphasis dates back to approximately 1944. The founder, Professor Wally Jay studied a style known as Kodenkan Jujitsu from Professor Henry S. Okazaki in Hawaii.

Professor Jay’s years of experience in classical jujitsu, judo, boxing, weightlifting, wrestling, aikido, kung fu, other martial arts training, and many periods of trial and error, led him to develop his theory known as Small Circle Theory. His goal was to refine and improve upon the techniques by combining the best of everything he learned in different disciplines.

Small Circle Jujitsu includes striking, locks, throws, and takedowns. However, it’s the guiding principles of Small Circle Jujitsu that add it it’s effectiveness. Read more about the Principles of Small Circle Jujitsu here