Nothing is guaranteed (and you’re not invincible). I’m often asked, “What will always work in a fight?” The truth is
We are living in unprecedented times with a pandemic that is affecting all of our lives, some much more severely It’s almost the new year and people will be trying to think of New Year’s resolutions. My tip to
How does standing in a ready stance lead to academic success? People do not always understand the benefits of structured
Martial arts schools are going to adopt different means of training and motivation. Much of how martial arts is taught
Is knowing more techniques better? Is more complex more advanced? Do I need more kata to be a more advanced
Martial arts practice will allow you to deal with a spectrum of emotions. I love every chance I get to
Parents, We've all been there. You enroll your child into a new activity and eventually they're going to say something
As I was watching my oldest daughter’s swim practice tonight, I saw two boys, maybe 11-12, show of their karate
The road to black belt is a long journey. And 1st Dan (degree) Black Belt is even the start of
Sweat, blood, and rock and roll! At least the first two are things you'll find in most every Dojo. Some
When is it ok to have 100% intensity in Kumite or Rolling? The answer is never. For the sake of this
A Recap of 2018: We had a lot happen at AKJ in 2018 and are looking forward to building skill
There is a stigma that not-winning is directly associated with failure. However, failure is a result of giving up, blaming
People with goals generally outperform those without goals. Setting your goals (life, martial arts, work, etc) make sure they are
"How Long Will It Take Before I'm Good?" That is a question I get quite often. There’s no way to
Article modified from original published at RA BJJ  We believe there is no program out there that encompasses physical education and