Tournament and Fall Fest Follow Up

What a great weekend! Hosting our first tournament and fall fest. Congratulations to all who showed up, placed, and took home trophies. See the winners below and check out pictures from the tournament:

Kumite (sparring) – Feather Weight
• 1st: Rex
• 2nd: Grant
•  3rd: Keyon
Kumite (sparring) – Mid Weight
• 1st: Logan
• 2nd: Arte
•  3rd: Jula
Randori (grappling) – Feather Weight
• 1st: Grant
• 2nd: Rex
• 3rd: Maddie
Randori (grappling) – Mid Weight
• 1st: Logan
• 2nd: Arte
• 3rd: Vincint

Kata (forms)
• 1st: Lizzie
• 2nd: Kate
•  3rd: Grant

Self Defense Demo
• 1st: Julia and Kate

1st Place Overall Winner!
• Julia

EVX Fall Fest

EVX Families,

I’m excited to announce that we’re hosting our first EVX Fall Fest!

On Oct 23rd from 10am to 2pm we’ll have a section of the parking lot blocked off for bounce houses, fun, games, and prizes. This is a family event, open to family, friends, and the neighborhood. The activities are free for all, but some activities will require a ticket to earn a prize; EVX kids will be given a number of tickets before the event for a chance to win prizes. More details to come!

We’ll also be holding our first in-house tournament that morning, starting (tentatively) at 9:30 am for Dragons and Warriors.  Divisions include point contact sparring, grappling, form, and self-defense demos. Get your kids ready to show their skills!

Additionally, this kind of event takes people-power. We’re looking for members and parents who could volunteer at least 2 hours of their time to supervise a game or work a booth; it’s simple and includes collecting tickets, handing out prizes, etc. Also, we could use help earlier that morning in setup (tents, bounce houses, tables, etc). If you can assist in our event, please contact Shihan Josh asap.